DS DESIGN was created in 2012 by Todor Todorov. With this project, over 10,000 graphics and video clips have been created. Developed video clips include companies such as ESET, one of TOP Online Business Forums Predpriemach.com, foundation White Swallow, as well as vector projects of rally and drift cars of Bulgarian pilots. Some of the pilots are: Todor Slavov, Martin Ivanov, Alexander Atanasov, Hristo Gerov, Rosen Kostov, Pavlin PenevAlexander Yazov – AlexMa3xLuben KamenovIlia Tzarski, Velislava Getova and Bobi Getov and more ….

 A short biography of Todor Todorov.

Todor Todorov is from Dobrich, born on March 27, 1987.

He started with computer technology in 1999. Since 2006, he has begun to professionally engage in computer technology in the field of “CTT” and web sites that started them as a hobby, but for reasons he has decided to change the way of learning with another a major in programming, computer graphics and web programming. Then work in this area (graphics, programming, and web) in 2012 then start with the C ++ programming language. Then it began with graphic design using the CorelDRAW X4 software since then began to get into the graphic design. That same year begins with the Adobe Premiere version CS3 video editing program.
In 2018 he enrolled a course in Software Engineering for JAVA and C # languages, but in 2019 he decided to leave these languages ​​in the background to get into video editing, graphic design, and web sites.
It is currently up to
Pro Designer / Pro Developer and working with the latest graphics software.